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This depends on your current fitness level. Desired results are often decided with the help of our professional trainers after taking into consideration factors such as your gender, age, weight, height, and eating habits.

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation; a machine that is used by placing electrode pads on parts of the body during a training session. Electrical impulses are delivered to stimulate muscle contraction. The EMS device heightens these contractions to give you the result of a 3-hour workout in 20 minutes only. Once the pads are placed on different muscle groups, your personal trainer will guide you through a workout that suits your body.

The duration varies according to the service we are providing. An EMS session, for example, takes between 30-40 minutes of your time (the actual session takes 20 minutes only, but more time is often needed with new clients to inform them about the device and how to do the workout). Generally, most of our services take less than an hour.

In one word: plenty! In a few lines: the EMS workout session is 20 minutes long. An additional 10-15 minutes may be required to place the electrode pads and inform you about your workout while having a friendly chat with your professional, personal trainer. That’s it. Now compare this to the time needed to finish a regular workout outside your home. Traditional training takes no less than an hour, add to that the time and associated cost you need to consider while on the way out such as the heavy traffic, gasoline, noise, and your blood pressure level. Fit at Home rids you of the aforementioned and allows you to utilize what could have been wasted time.

The minimum age for doing the training is 16. There’s no upper age limit. But depending on your age, our Fit at home trainers will help tailor your workout accordingly and help you achieve your fitness goals.

We’re just a phone call away. You can reach us at +962778180888. We’ll answer all your questions about the services we provide and arrange for a time that suits your schedule to pay you a visit.

You need not trouble yourself with finding a personal trainer—it is us who will find you, pay you a visit at home and get you a professional, personal trainer.

Convenience, convenience, convenience! Other gyms don’t ring your bell; you are required to have a car or access to public transport or a friend who is willing to dope you off—and it is very probable that he/she won’t bring you back home. Moreover, traditional training at the gym consumes time or rather kills it. Every time you want to leave the house you must consider things like traffic and whether the gym is full of people or not. But with Fit at Home, you can enjoy the services we provide at home, especially services such as EMS training, Yoga, Pilates, and dancing classes which are not always available at normal gyms.

We’re all in for women’s empowerment; the reason why most of our trainers are females.

At home. :)

Yes, we do have a family package. If you’re a mother who doesn’t have enough time for a workout in the gym, our personal trainers will provide you with training that suits you and one that suits your child so that both of you can enjoy the training session together at home.

We will be offering a variety of services that will include the following: 1) Massage 2) Yoga 3) Dancing Classes 4) Meditation 5) Boxing and Muay Thai 6) Rock climbing and hiking 7) Cycling 8) Cooking classes 9) Horseback riding 10) Swimming 11) Fashion 12) Shooting

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