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Fit at Home

Fit at Home is an in-home personal training service. We provide EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training, dietary plans, and workout sessions. Our experienced personal trainers are dedicated to giving you their focused, undivided attention. With Fit at Home, you will earn a healthy lifestyle, lose unwanted weight, and save your precious time. Say goodbye to conventional training. We will help set your personal training goals along with your desired personal health and fitness objectives. Our team will pay you a visit at your home wherever you are in Jordan at the time that suits your schedule. If you happen to live in Amman, we will be your nearest gym—you need not go out for an exercise as we will bring it to you.

We also provide a wide range of services that include personal training, high intensity interval training, dietary services, Pilates, fat burning exercises, Metafit training, as well as a variety of upcoming services such as in-home massage, dancing classes, boxing and Muay Thai, rock climbing and hiking, cooking classes, shooting, swimming, cycling, shooting, meditation, horseback riding, and fashionistas’ advice.

Fit at Home is a subsidiary company of the 8x8 project; a women empowerment effort launched by the lifelong financial expert, entrepreneur, and social activist Ms. Iman Mutlaq to support educated women in Jordan and to help them create and establish their own independent projects. 8x8 consists of eight projects, each of which includes eight women working together as partners. Fit at Home aims to be part of the project by helping women get the body they always wanted and achieve a healthy lifestyle for a better life.


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