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Pilates is an exercise that aims to strengthen the body with an emphasis on core strength. Pilates concentrates on flexibility, balance, posture, and focuses on the mind-body connection. How your body moves and being aware of your breathing is important during the exercise. A Pilates workout session at your home in Amman is surely your most suitable option.

Benefits of Pilates:

• Improves balance and flexibility

So if you’re looking to improve balance and flexibility at the same time, Pilates would be what you are looking for. Pilates has been shown to improve flexibility significantly. With our certified instructors, you will get the best exercises that best suit your body.

• Back pain relief

Pilates exercises help prevent and decrease back pain, including lower back pain. They strengthen core support for the back and provide gentle stretches for tight back muscles. If you are struggling from your back pain and can’t find the right time or place, then our professional team will help you in the comfort of your home.

• It strengthens and stretches the body at once

Pilates exercises help you release tension and stress from one muscle group while strengthening another. Our personal trainers will help you gain this great benefit at your place.

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