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EMS Training

The electrical impulses of EMS devices work to activate muscles you might not normally engage during a regular workout. This one to one training also activates more muscle fibers. Basically, you will be getting an extra intense workout in a short period of time—all it takes is 30 minutes of working out at home.

EMS Training
Benefits of Ems:

• Build Muscles

With EMS, electrical impulses reach their target. Placing the electrodes on the body is easy and will help you get the desired results faster. Fit at Home team will guide you through the process in order to help you become fit while staying at home.

• Save Time

Most of us are busier than before. With EMS you can get the same results of a 90-minute training in just 20 minutes—whether in your room or your backyard.

• Greater Impact, Greater Results

Unlike conventional workouts, which affect the more superficial muscles, the pulsed current during an EMS session reaches further by getting to deeper tissue and stimulating more than 90% of the muscle mass in targeted areas. Attained results would have required more physical effort if they were to be reached without EMS.

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